Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

Why Go Cloud?

Debian, Ubuntu, Centos, RedHat

Choose from our list of Linux Templates and deploy
a linux box faster than you can say “GNU”.

Microsoft Server 2019, Windows 10

If you need to run a Windows workstation or server hoose from our range of pre-cooked Windows Templates

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In addition to providing servers we also provide lateral services such as CDN Control, DNS Management and API access to all of the above. Are you rolling out a project that demands close monitoring, load assessment and reactive automation? No worries, use our API’s to control the resources available to your servers, increasing the CPU, Disk and Ram when required and after the storm clears your code can just as easily return your server to it’s natural state. Need to provision servers automatically from another web portal or server? No dramas, our API’s will allow this too. Configure your own templates and upload them to our system, your scripts can request your own templates be used in the provisioning cycle. A server generally only takes a minute or two to deploy, it’s a marvel of modern science, real hearty nerd stuff and we LOVE it, we hope you do too.